Is your horse anxious and unfocused? Get the training that makes your horse confident and connected. So that you can enjoy trail rides, clinics and shows with a calm horse that behaves well.  

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Solved severe anxiety 

"I tried many solutions without success. After doing this he`s finally relaxed and can be alone!"- Lotte Smidt

Reducing stress in general

"My anxious mare has learned to calm herself down, reducing stress not only during work but in general." - Elena Pein

This made all the difference

"By using this method I have gotten a beautiful and safe horse that is fun to ride. This really works!" - Eline Westbye

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Exercise that solves anxiety

Real time video showing simple groundwork that transforms mare with severe separation anxiety.

Build confidence on trails

Easy tweaks making your horse confident when alone on trails and in the stable. 

Avoid common pitfalls

Find answers to your questions and avoid common pitfalls with in depth Q&A replay, so that you succeed faster! 

Cathrine Fodstad is horse trainer from Holar University College and Riding Instructor from Norwegian Equine Center. She has tamed hundreds of horses and is first Norwegian to complete Mongol Derby, world`s longest and toughest horse race. After 35 years of riding and training horses, she discovered a method that consistently allowed her to connect with horses, solve problems and easily train them at liberty. Now you can do the same!

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