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Is your horse reluctant to leave the stable, spooking on trails or in a rush to get home?


Your horse might be barn sour or have what I call a stable magnet. This is quite common and affects how horses feel, which affects their behaviour, movements and responsiveness to signals.


Something we discovered when retraining our stiff, stubborn and barn sour horse to find motivation and move beautifully from self.


We did not achieve this by pressuring him to leave the barn, use treats or do exercises to make him soft. We simply made our idea of leaving the stable his idea, which made him good and therefore move and behave well.


But this solution is not something that`s taught in riding schools or regular weekend clinics. That`s why we invite you to this training showing exactly what we did to transform our horse from stiff and unmotivated to soft and responsive, in an way that solves the cause of the problem and isn`t just dealing with the symptoms.

Yes I want FREE training


Become a master of motivating horses and aware of the No. 1 thing that demotivates them. 

Know what to do with anxious horses to help them find relaxation and follow at liberty from self. 

The ultimate barn sour fix that makes dull horses forward and anxious horses confident on trails. 

Avoid these common pitfalls when fixing barn sourness by getting access to Q&A replay.  


Cathrine Fodstad is horse trainer from Holar University College and Riding Instructor from Norwegian Equine Center. She has tamed hundreds of horses and is first Norwegian to complete Mongol Derby, world`s longest and toughest horse race. In Mongolia she discovered a method that consistently allowed her to connect with horses, solve problems and easily train them at liberty.

- Now you can do the same! 

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Jetty Martens

"I learned more than in my 30 years horse experience before! Wish I knew this when starting riding. I learned how horses are thinking and how to be one of the herd instead of being the boss and the controller of horses. To be with horses in this way gives so much joy!"

Helle Ramsgaard

"Having tried several methods that didn't do the trick, I was beginning to doubt that I could turn things around. By doing the exercises in Ride Like a Viking we built a strong bond and succeeded with our first trail ride together, something I never thought possible with this horse." 

Annegret Feyerabend

"My horse is much softer to ride. I don`t have much time to train and before it was not really fun to ride. It seemed the horse had forgotten everything every time I rode. Now he is forward, soft and nice to ride as never before. And I still don't have much time for training." 

YES I want FREE training