• Nail the fundamentals of liberty and get started with your horse in a safe and easy way
  • Get tools to solve pushiness, spooking, bucking, bolting or lack of forward, without needing to train your horse more (probably less) because you know how to solve the cause of the problem 


  • Communicate with horses through body language in a way that makes them follow at liberty
  • Ride and train with a horse that has a functional top line and hind leg engagement from self 
  • Make your horse superlight to signals and easy to collect in a healthy way that prevents ligament damage, back pain and behavioral problems

I learned more than in the past 30 years

"I learned more than in my 30 years horse experience before!!! Wish I knew this when starting riding. I learned how horses are thinking and how to be one of the herd instead of being the boss and the controller of horses. To be with horses in this way gives so much joy!"

- Jetty Martens

On the verge of giving up, this did the trick!

"Having tried several methods that didn't work, I was beginning to doubt I could turn things around. By doing the exercises in Ride Like a Viking we built a strong bond and succeeded with our first trail ride together, something I never thought possible with this horse." 

- Lotte Ramsgaard

I got 5 new clients in one week

"After taking Trainers Exam I gave lessons for the first time in years. I started with 1 new client and in a week it grew to 5! The course gave insights that I needed as missing links in my horse training. This is so easy to do and teach. My students and I love it!" 

- Linda Hofman 


Have tried everything and is on on the verge of giving up

Get the training techniques that work with traumatized or complicated horses.  

Would like to have a horse who is safe to ride but not boring 

Install self control, forward from self and feel, with any horse!

Want to make a living or side income with horses

Experience the demand by solving problems in a safe and effective way, not many others are aware of.

Cathrine Fodstad is horse trainer from Holar University College and Riding Instructor from Norwegian Equine Center. She has tamed hundreds of horses and is first Norwegian to complete Mongol Derby, world`s longest and toughest horse race. After 35 years of riding and training horses, she discovered a method that consistently allowed her to connect with horses, solve problems and easily train them at liberty. Now you can do the same!


After securing your spot you get instant access. This Masterclass is absolutely free of charge but available for a limited time only. Looking very much forward to seeing you there.