RLAV Member Support 


Welcome to Ride Like a Viking Members Support.

If you are locked out of your account reset your password on www.ridelikeaviking.no/login

Once logged in you can update your card or cancel your membership yourself anytime by visiting www.ridelikeaviking.no/settings/card 

Make sure to provide 3 days notice for cancellation prior to your renewal date to ensure cancellation happens before renewal. Note that we`re only open for new members a few times a year and that rejoining might be at a higher price point than what you`re currently investing. 

If you want to join and we are closed for new members you can join the waitlist and be first to know when we open again or spots are available on www.ridelikeaviking.no/wait-list

Get help accessing your account, administering your membership or solve technical challenges by sending email to: [email protected]

Please allow 48 hours response time and be sure to check your spam/junk mail.